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What is the Mayo Clinic Diet?

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A joke of dieting is that only the first day is an ordeal because on the second day, you won't be dieting anymore. Nothing is farther from the truth as you will see many dieters back to square one after they don't get instant results. To avoid this, you must be absolutely certain that the regimen you follow is built for sustainability and success. For instance, because of the reputation of the Mayo Clinic, there are two types of regimen named after it. So to differentiate between the two, below are information that will make you well-versed about what is the Mayo Clinic Diet.

On the right corner, what is the Mayo Clinic Diet number 1. The first regimen named after the Mayo Clinic is actually a fad diet based on the consumption of grapefruit along with protein and greens while lessening the intake of carbohydrates. This is one of the longest existing diets, wherein people on a diet might have tried one way or another. Below are principles to follow when going on this Mayo Clinic Diet number 1:

1) Make sure that you eat one-half grapefruit or drink at least four ounces of its juice. The consumption of grapefruit is integral to the success of the dieting regimen as it acts as a catalyst to burn the fats in your body.

2) Include a lot of protein and salad or vegetables in all your three meals. As much as possible, stay away from carbohydrate and fat-loaded foods such as starches, sugars, and lipids. Whenever you feel like eating such foods, you can double your intake of protein and greens instead.

3) Ensure that per meal you are full so that you will last until the next. This is because you are not allowed to eat between meals or to snack. You also need to avoid caffeine because it triggers your appetite by increasing bowel movement as well as it affects the balance of insulin in your body, hindering the fat burning process.

Be sure to follow the above principles for twelve days with two days interval in between dieting rounds before you begin another cycle. When you do, you will be able to burn as much as fifty pounds in ten weeks.

On the left corner, what is the Mayo Clinic Diet number 2. Because of the fuss created by the unofficial Mayo Clinic Diet number 1, Mayo Clinic decided to release their official regimen in 2009. All their tenets are detailed in a book called "The Mayo Clinic Diet" as well as in the logbook, "The Mayo Clinic Diet Journal." The following are the principles put forth by such regimen:

1) Do not only aim to lose weight but to change the entirety of your bad eating habits. In the initial dieting period of two weeks, you are required to exchange five of your bad eating habits with five healthier ones. For instance, if you are fond of drinking soda with your snacks, make a healthy change and drink fresh fruit juices instead.

2) Learn your way to a healthy diet. Get to know how the food pyramid works, and use it to your advantage. Make sure to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, then proteins, and lastly carbohydrates, fats, and sweets. However, you also need to love what you eat or your dieting regimen won't be sustainable.

3) Adapt it for the rest of your life. When you start to lose weight after two weeks, you have to maintain the healthy practices you have developed as put forth by the Mayo Clinic Diet.

When you follow the above lose it, live it principles, you will be able to shed as much six to ten pounds in the first two weeks and one to two pounds each week thereafter.

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