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What is the Lemonade Diet?


For people asking, "What is the Lemonade Diet?" as the name implies, it is a liquid diet, much like other programs wherein one is only allowed to take it liquid, such as the juice fast. The popularity of this diet skyrocketed when rumors spread that Beyonce allegedly used this program to shed off excess pounds in a very short time for her role in the movie Dreamgirls.

This diet is supposed to only be a short-term plan and is not really primarily aimed at letting people lose weight. The Lemonade Diet's primary goal is to cleanse the digestive tract of the person who undergoes the program. It is recommended to be done for ten days, although some more daring people have endured the diet for as long as 40 days.

What is the Lemonade Diet: A Background

For ten to forty days, depending on the participant, the sole source of nutrition and energy for him or her is a lemonade mixture composed of lemon juice that has been freshly squeezed, purified water (without fluoride or chlorine content), cayenne pepper and Grade B maple syrup. Every morning, the dieter is also advised to drink a salt-water flush, and before going to bed, a drink of laxative tea is recommended. Aside from those drinks, only purified water and peppermint tea are recommended.

After the diet is finished, breaking it has strict rules. Only freshly-squeezed juices from citrus fruits are allowed for up to 36 hours after the diet has ended. Two days after the last day of the diet, raw fruits and vegetables may be taken, and this should last for five days at most after the program has ended.

Aside from cleaning and giving the digestive tract sufficient rest, the Lemonade Diet is supposed to get rid of impurities and flush toxins out of the body while also burning excess fat deposits in the body (the reason for adding cayenne pepper, aside from adding more flavor to the lemonade). Losing weight, although not necessarily a main goal, is just a beneficial by-product of the program. However, reports of weight loss as a result of this program can be very enticing for people who want to lose weight, because as much as two pounds a day can be lost when strictly adhering to the diet.

The Pros and Cons of the Lemonade Diet

As the weight loss that accompanies the detoxification process in this diet is very noticeable, a lot of people view this diet as a very beneficial deal. Not only do they get rid of unwanted pounds, the also get rid of toxins that causes poor bodily functions and an energy lag. Moreover, people who have undergone this diet have also reported the removal of hardened material from organs like the kidney and gall bladder. Symptoms of gout and arthritis have also been reported to be alleviated by this diet.

The claim of detoxification as caused by this diet has not been conclusively proven, though. Moreover, many dieticians argue that the rapid weight loss is only due to water weight being shed off, and not actual weight.

People suffering y blood sugar related ailments are advised to not get involved in this diet program at all, since the only source of energy is sugared water. Thus, it is inevitable that blood sugar levels will be affected. During the first days of the program, people complain of constant hunger, lack of energy, irritability and restlessness all at the same time. Moreover, during the ten days, the body will be deficient in nutrients, as the only things allowed to be consumed are tea, water and lemonade. Thus, it is recommended for those doing this to limit the duration to ten days.

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