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What is the LA Weight Loss Diet Plan?


People who would like to know what is the LA Weight Loss will have more difficult times for them because as of December 2007, Pure Weight Loss Inc., or what was known before as L.A. Weight Loss Centers already filed for bankruptcy. In 2008, the company's more than 400 weight loss centers were shut down. Thus, there will be some parts of the program that would have to be replicated in other fitness centers, which will be a challenge for most people.

What is the LA Weight Loss Program: A Background

The LA weight loss program aims to let individuals learn and wisely choose what to eat while developing changes in lifestyle that should result in a body that is healthier and devoid of extra pounds. There are three phases in the program: weight loss, stabilization and maintenance. While it used to be that the client needs to be a member of an LA weight loss center because it would be the only place with staff members who are trained with regard to the program, anyone who would like to follow the program would now have to find for a trainer knowledgeable with the program, because as mentioned earlier, the LA fitness centers have already been closed.

As for the diet component of this plan, there are no serious restrictions on particular groups of foods. Instead, the client is educated on how to enjoy any food, as long as it is consumed in moderation and it can provide all the nutrients required by the body. Meals or menus are not provided in this program, although it had its own line of supplements during the time LA Fitness was still in operation. These supplements included shakes, weight loss bars and juice mixes. These supplements are actually the current center of the program, because the business has shifted from being a fitness center-based program to one that is internet-based. Aside from these supplements, the website of the program also provides recipes of healthy food.

Thus, while it used to be that the LA Weight Loss program was balanced between the importance of exercise and nutrition, the current thrust of the 'Rapid Results Diet System' which is the company's main program is 90% diet and nutrition based, with emphasis on menus, meals and proportion sizes and 10% other factors like mental health and active lifestyle.

For those who want to know what is the LA Weight Loss cost, one diet system is at $150.

The Pros and Cons of the LA Weight Loss System

In this program, clients are not required to buy any ready-made meals. Instead they are provided with diaries and cookbooks that they should adhere to in order to get fast results. However, clients need to purchase the website's products, like the weight loss bars and the juice as they are required by the program.

The LA weight loss program is deemed expensive by a lot of people, as the program is currently dependent on the efforts of the client. In order to get the whole Rapid Results system, the client has to pay for the whole program so that all the implements will be sent to him or her.

Moreover, since there is not much role for physical activity, the program is heavily reliant on the discipline of the client, especially in following the rules as suggested by the program when it comes to eating out, or choosing what items to eat. Most people think that the current format of LA Weight Loss is just like any other diet program, and the only things that set it apart would be the products of the company that are required to be consumed by the customers. This could be a problem for some people too as they might not really like the taste of the diet bars and juice of the company.

In the end, for people who want to lose weight, love the taste of diet bars and juices, and think they are disciplined enough to pull off a program like this, then they can give LA Weight Loss a try. Otherwise, some people feel that they could succeed in following a similar plan without having to dole out $150 for the same results.

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