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What is the Kind Diet?


Fans of diets being championed by Hollywood celebrities probably won't have to ask "What is the Kind Diet?" That is because the book where this diet has been included in was written by actress Alicia Silverstone. After putting together the book, she was prominently featured in talk shows, including Oprah Winfrey's. In her interview, Silverstone claims that this diet has been named such because it promotes a healthy and beautiful figure by being kind to your body, meaning getting rid of hazardous things in one's diet like dairy, white sugar, meat and processed foods.

Silverstone has put her advocacy for animal conservation in her diet by declaring that animals should not be included in human diet. She goes further by saying that it is only through a plant-based diet that the human body is properly nourished while also saving animals, which, according to her, is one of the "greenest" activities anyone can do. This is because plants require less water, fuel and other resources to cultivate them, as opposed to animals. Moreover, fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients and fewer calories, keeping people healthier and while keeping extra pounds at bay.

But it is not only Silverstone that has been advocating vegan and vegetarian eating. This practice of shying away from animal meat and produce is becoming more and more popular, with more consumers finding out that plant-based diets are healthier and environmentally friendlier. Not only that, because the fears of a lot of meat-eaters with regard to vegetarian diets as bland and bring has been dispelled. A lot of veggie dishes nowadays have been made tasty.

What is the The Kind Diet: Which Foods Can You Eat?

When possible, Silverstone advocates the consumption of anything that is organic. This means that a diet of whole grains, vegetables and exotic crops like lotus root and shoyu are encouraged. All of these recommended foods are included in the book that Silverstone wrote that contains more than a hundred recipes, from breakfast to desserts, proving that there is more to being vegetarian than eating boring vegetables.

Foods that are not allowed include anything artificial, even sweeteners, white sugar, animal meat, coffee, alcohol and processed foods. Natural sugars are allowed, as long as there is a restriction to how much is consumed.

For those interested in what is the The Kind Diet menu, it can look something like this:

For breakfast, Guacamole and tomatoes on top of a wheat toast

For lunch, a vegetarian burrito made of rye wrap

For dinner, a veggie pasta with marinara sauce and garlic bread

For snacks, a piece of fruit or peanut butter cups

How the Kind Diet Works

People wanting to follow the diet would need to select from three entry points: "flirting," "vegan" and "ultimate superhero" stages. On the first stage, the flirt level, the follower is encouraged replace meats with plant-based foods. They should get immediate results which will further boost them into trying the next stage. In the "vegan" stage, all animal products are eliminated, and substitutes for meat, as well as grains, fruits and vegetables are still allowed. On the final, "superhero" stage, only grains and sea vegetables are allowed.

What makes this diet attractive to a lot of people is the fact that there is no deprivation and calorie counting needed to make sure that one is following the program. Yet it is guaranteed that there will be weight loss, and those following the superhero plan will see significant changes within a shorter span of time.

Based on Silverstone's testimony in the book, not only did she lose a significant amount of weight, she has also noticed an improvement in her physical appearance by following the Kind Diet. She claims her skin is clearer, her nails and hair are stronger, her mental facilities are sharper and her digestive function is smoother.

There are really no stringent rules when it comes to physical activities in the Kind Diet, although engaging in walks and playing sports three to five times a week are encouraged.

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