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What is the Hallelujah Diet?

Hallelujah Numbers

People have been introduced to all kinds of diet. Every day, new diet programs are being introduced and developed either by health and fitness experts or by ordinary individuals who attest to its effectiveness. One diet is the Hallelujah Diet or Genesis 1:29 diet. Founded by the husband and wife team of Reverend George Malkmus and Rhonda, the diet is based on faith and interpretations of the bible. It advocates a vegan diet that is low on calorie. The diet is made up of 85% raw food that is organic and 15% cooked food. According to them, raw food is what God intends his people to eat for a healthy mind and body. Malkmus claimed to have been healed from colon cancer after following the diet.

The Hallelujah diet requires food to be raw because cooking the food strips it of the necessary nutrients needed to make the body healthy. People are also encouraged to stay away from processed food, sugar, alcohol, coffee and dried fruits. It also indicates that eating raw organic food will lessen the hunger and craving for sugar and other processed food known to cause most of health problems. Drinking juiced fruits and vegetables is also a major part of the diet. Through juicing, the nutrients are absorbed better by the body. The Hallelujah Diet is also restrictive. Aside from the raw vegetables and fruits, a barley supplement and one meal of cooked food consisting of vegetables and grains is allowed. The low calorie intake present in the diet makes weight loss possible. Malkmus claims that the digestive system of the human body is not for meat eating. Meat cannot be digested properly and often left in the body. People will not benefit from the nutrients of meat if it is not properly digested. Raw plant foods are much healthier and easier to digest so the body immediately gets the nutrients it needs.

Health and fitness experts are skeptic about the benefits of the Hallelujah diet. It is not supported by any scientific research. Vegetarian diets need careful planning since most of it can lead to nutrient deficiency. Most vegan diets do not supply the body of nutrients like calcium, iron, iodine, vitamins and zinc. Juicing is also not guaranteed that the nutrients will be absorbed easily by the body. Juicing of fruits and vegetables only pulverizes the food and resulting to reduction of fiber and not quick absorption. Also, since the diet is restrictive and the choices in the food to be eaten are limited, most people will experience imbalance nutrition. Not getting a balanced nutrition will help the person lose weight but at the same time, he becomes vulnerable to health problems brought by the deficiency in the nutrients. Although eating fruits and vegetables is good for the body, it must be remembered that the body also needs to have protein that can be found in meat. Eliminating meat in the diet poses a possible health risk if not substituted with other food with the same nutrients. Cooking food does not really remove the nutrients. It all depends on the food like tomatoes when cooked, releases lycopene known to fight cancer.

Diets must work to keep the body healthy while losing weight. Although health and fitness is important, people should be wary of the new diet plans introduced in the market. Not all diets are healthy in the same way that not all people will have the same response to diets. A dietary plan depends on the needs of a person so prior consultation to an expert is a must. There is also no fast way to lose weight.

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