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What is the Fullbar Diet?

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Diet programs differ in their approaches although their objective remains the same which is to make their clients maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are those which combine diet and exercise, often espousing it as lifestyle that has to be integrated in all a person's aspects of life to really make it holistic approach while there are those which believe otherwise.

One diet approach utilizes surgery. The surgery is a bariatric or lap surgery in which a gadget or "appliance" is attached to the stomach to compress it. When food is eaten and ingested, the apparatus is responsible in stretching the upper area of the stomach which is sending a message to the brain that the stomach is full. There is no need to eat more or to overeat as the stomach easily gets full. Eating less is possible with bariatric surgery. Eating less is no longer an intentional and directed effort of highly reducing your food intake. It is no longer hard to give in to cravings and eating more can now be controlled.

To support this bariatric surgery, a Fullbar diet composed of products that were developed by a famous surgeon whose specialization falls on weight-loss surgery. Dr. Michael Snyder came up with this new approach to reduce weight properly to enable all to have access to a warranted weight decrease. When this surgery is successfully done, the fullbar makes the person feel full instead of hungry for eating less food. It would mean taking fewer calories into your body; hence, weight loss is realized.

Fullbar is said that to be more effective when its product for example with 150-180 calories accompanied by a glass of water is a better food choice according to Dr. Snyder. He added that a fullbar product becomes more effective when consumed thirty (30) minutes before a meal or can be substituted for a snack. It is important to monitor the schedule of taking meals and snacks which must be prepared in smaller portions.

The products are made of high quality fiber and grains that give the stomach the much-needed fullness. These are not however, made as substitutes for the meals to be taken. There are no chemical or artificial appetite suppressers on them. Available flavours of these products are six (6) like cocoa chip and cranberry almond. They are also proportionally made up of fats, fiber and proteins. A liquid version of the fullbar is available.

It is important that the food taken as meals must consists of lean proteins, high- fiber carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, low daily products. Beverages and drinks which are high in sugar and heavily polished carbohydrates are not allowed to be part of the diet. Dr. Synder recommends eating 5-6 small portions of meal compared to the regular three (3) meals a day but sees to it that each meal is accompanied a one (1) or two (2) fullbar products.

According to Dr Snyder, there are researches that support eating smaller meals as leading to an improved blood sugar control which enables to well-manage hunger pangs and calories to be taken. No cheating of eating more than the number of prescribed full bar products as these add more calories in the body intake destroying the essence of the fullbar products.

Skipping a meal is not to be undertaken ever as it makes a dieter starves more and eats a lot when food is available. This will not make fullbar products effective in losing weight by reducing calorie intake.

Taking fullbar products is a great responsibility as there are rules to be observed for a dieter to succeed in a weight loss program. Should a dieter cheat or miss, the fullbar products do not work well or effectively achieve the objective which is to reduce calorie intake that leads to weight loss.

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