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What is the "French Women Don't Get Fat"?

French Women

Is it possible to be like the French women who eat their pastas, breads, pastries and drink their champagne while maintaining their slim and healthy figures? But why is it that when American women do the same thing - eat their chips, fries, desserts and proteins like steaks and burgers- they still end up struggling all the time in warding off bulges to the left, to the right and up, in the middle and down?

It is fascinating to catch the comparisons made by the author between these women of different nationalities and the answers as to whys are revealed in a non-diet book entitled "French Women Don't Get Fat." The book is written by a French woman, Mireille Guiliano, who is now based in New York and successfully reached the pinnacle of her career as a C.E.O. of a wine company. It chronicles her life in France as she was growing up, how her short stay in Boston transformed her weight into a "sack of potatoes" as described by her father upon her return to France and how she was able to overcome her acquired American obesity style and maintain her whistle-bait figure until now that she is living here.

The book shows her observations of her country women, focusing on their lifestyle and how it affects good naturedly their eating habit while staying fit at the same time. It is an insightful and inspiring coverage on how they enjoy life and find pleasures in cooking, eating without depriving oneself, and dressing with style and elan, on top of keeping trim and fit, as they live happily.

Ms. Guiliano asserts that her book is all about giving practical and sound advice on how to change a lifestyle into positive and healthy one which is so unlike with other diets that are either crash or temporary, with a long list of prescribed or avoidable foods and ingredients, deprives eating those intense chocolate flavors and heavy carbohydrates laden stuff or bores the palate and the eyes with the same required dishes repeatedly.

It is about continually partaking high quality foods from chocolates to wines in small portions and making your senses in synch with it. It is about indulging your favourite food without guilt and being able to eat them little by little to savor their delicious taste, and to enjoy and take pleasure in every bite that one makes and every sip that one takes. Out with consciousness of how many calories a dish or an ingredient has. Neither denying nor depriving oneself of those sinfully delicious cakes and pastries is an essential component of this lifestyle. What matters is to drink lots of water to be hydrated all the time and for toxins to be out of the body system. Ensure fresh, natural and local ingredients that are not characterized as fast food meals and processed and instant foods. This is the best way to chart the facets of life into a colorful and exciting adventure as it reflects on a glowing face, skin and figure.

To complement a healthy eating lifestyle, it should have a companion exercise to be done diligently in a leisurely way. Walk as many times or go to a gym to use weights but never use those exercise machines which Guiliano perceived as a defense mechanism to cover up overeating or being a lazy television viewer. Walk along the streets, buildings, corridors, stairs, parks, and neighbourhood rather than taking a ride in a car or in an elevator.

Guiliano details in her book how American women are so different from their French counterpart to show why they have attained obesity while the French have a healthy and to die for figure. The latter live on the fast lane, forget to get pleasure from what they do from eating to dressing up, obsess with dieting and losing weight, using exercise machines instead of taking a walk and enjoy every moment of it to mention a few.

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