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What's Your Flavor? - The Flavor Point Diet


Are you tired of eating the same kind of foods every meal? Do you feel like your food cravings are not satisfied regardless of the variety of food you eat? Do you think that something is missing in your meal plan? Maybe you should try the Flavor Point Diet.

The Flavor Point Diet is a diet based on appetite control and 'sensory specific satiety.' This diet is a result of research conducted by Dr. David Katz, director of the Yale prevention research center, with his wife Catherine Katz. It's basically a new approach to weight loss since Dr. Katz and his wife based their recommended diet plan on neuroscience of flavors and their impact on appetite.

The main objective of the Flavor Point Diet is to limit the number of flavors within a meal so that you can suppress your appetite. According to research, combinations of sweet, salty, savory, sour and/or bitter can increase your craving for food. With too many flavors in your meal, the competing flavors stimulate your appetite, resulting to overeating. So if you limit the flavor of your meal or snack, it would be easier for your brain and stomach to reach the "flavor point" and stop eating. Using flavor themes, the Flavor Point Diet subdues one's appetite and leads to weight loss without necessarily suffering from hunger. In fact, if you follow the Flavor Point plan for six weeks, the authors guarantee that you may lose up to sixteen pounds.

There are three phases in this Flavor Point Diet. Phase 1 is implemented for the first four weeks. It aims to reduce cravings by imposing specific flavor theme each day. It attempts to trick the part of the brain that regulates appetite by limiting foods based on their flavors. Phase 2, on the other hand, is followed for the succeeding five to six weeks. This phase imposes a flavor theme for each meal instead of imposing it for the whole day. Combination of sweet and savory flavors in one meal is discouraged. Lastly, Phase 3, allows dieters to design their own meal according to their preference as long as it still follows the basic principles of the Flavor Point Diet. Since it does not require dieters to completely eliminate their favorite foods, it allows certain degree of flexibility in their diet plan.

Dieters are advised to lessen the calories of the foods they eat, and skip the desserts. Dr. Katz recommends eating fresh and whole foods, and advises against processed foods since these foods have hidden flavors that can over-stimulate your appetite, and thus lead to overeating. Aside from that, the diet does not promote the addition of sugar and salt in your meal. It also requires you to minimize the number of ingredients you use in preparing your meal. Moreover, for this diet to be fully effective, the Flavor Point Diet requires you to do a daily thirty minute-exercise in order to tone your muscles, and burn calories for weight loss. Finally, he advised drinking at least six glasses of water a day to keep you satiated most of the time.

The Flavor Point Diet is perfect for someone who is looking for a nutritious, structured, simple to understand, and easy to follow structured weight loss plan. However, some caution need to be taken by person with diabetes before undertaking this diet as some of its suggested meal plan indulges them in too much sweetness. Talk to your doctor before you begin undertaking this diet plan. Moreover, people who aren't good at cooking might want to reconsider other diet plans since the Flavor Food diet requires the skills and time to prepare its suggested meals.

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