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What is the Fat Smash Diet?

Smash It!

The Fat Smash Diet was founded by Dr. Ian K. Smith and Hollywood celebrities patronized it. Dr. Smith said this diet is a lifestyle change and will make you choose the right food to lose weight. It is a low-calorie 90-day diet that contains over 50 recipes, foods to enjoy and avoid, and helpful tips for you to follow in order to shed off excess weight. It has four phases and during the first phase which lasts for none days, you will lose 6 to 8 pounds. In the succeeding phases, you will see a loss of a few pounds a week.

The first phase is called the detoxifying stage which consists of 9 days. In this stage, you will eat food that will cleanse your body, eliminate bad eating habits, reduce your calorie intake, and take in more water to help eliminate body toxins. You will eat five meals even if you are not hungry and you are not allowed to skip any meal. The kind of food prepared in the first phase is raw, steamed or grilled. Fat intake a day should only be about 3 tablespoons. You can eat limitless fruits and veggies with the exclusion of avocado and potatoes. Brown rice can be eaten but at a limited content. Oatmeal, egg whites, low-fat, non-fat or soy milk and herbal tea are allowed.

The second phase consists of three weeks and you are allowed to eat additional food aside from those you take during the first phase. These are whole egg, seafood, lean meats, cheese, whole grain cereals, non-fat mayonnaise, coffee at 10 ounces daily, butter, fruit juice, club soda, diet soda, lemonade, and avocado at a limited intake. You can still eat four or five times a day in this phase.

The third phase consists of four weeks where a combination of the first and second phase is done. More foods can be eaten such as pasta and bread. You can have one dessert daily but only from allowed sweets.

The fourth phase is the final stage that lasts forever. You can now include beer, pizza, potatoes and wine again at limited portions. You will have to exercise regularly, eat four to five times a day and never miss a meal.

The principle behind the Fat Smash Diet is to get you to view food in a different light. You will be more conscious of eating healthy food at limited amounts. You will be addicted to exercise forever. After the diet, you know which food to take and you will eat fewer calories. You will be more physically active and you will definitely lose weight and learn to manage it. Your food cravings will go away during the detoxifying phase and you will learn to appreciate fruits and vegetables more.

In this diet, you will not focus in counting calories but you will be more aware on how to balance your food choices. You will view food at another light and you will not be tempted at all to overeat as you are always full with four to five meals a day. According to Dr. Smith, it is important that during a diet, you need to change your behavior towards food and you know how to control your cravings. You may want a piece of cake but it is best to eat fruits like mangoes instead as you can eat unlimited portions of it to satisfy your cravings for something sweet. Whereas with a cake, you are only allowed a small piece of it thus this will not satisfy your hunger and cravings at all.

This diet will eventually make you lessen your intake of sweets, coffee and beer. With this meal plan, you are ensured of satisfaction and weight loss forever.

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