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What is the Flat Belly Diet?


People who want to lose belly fat should try the Flat Belly Diet. By eating certain foods, you will lose abdominal fat forever and shed off 15 pounds in just a month. The good thing about this is you do not have to do a single crunch or sit-up at all to lose belly fat during the diet period. This Mediterranean-style diet is a food plan that only allows raw fruits, vegetables, beans, lean protein, nuts, whole grains and minimal amount of red meat which should be taken once a month.

In this diet, you have to take an ingredient that helps take away belly fat. This is the monounsaturated fat (MUFA) that should be included in every meal. Foods that have MUFA are dark chocolate, soybean, avocadoes, olives, seeds, flax, sunflower oil and olive oil. According to studies, MUFA is very healthy and it helps eradicate belly fat. MUFA also lessens cravings thus once it is in your meal, it will not be difficult to follow the diet religiously and eventually eliminate belly fat.

Prior to starting the diet, you will have to go on a 1,200 to 1,400 diet first that will lessen bloating and make you set your mind to eat healthy food only. In this jump-start stage, you will need to drink 2 liters of a special concoction made from herbs, citrus, cucumber and a mixture of spices. This flavored water will minimize constipation and bloating.

In this diet, you are to eat a 400-calorie meal that contains MUFA every four hours. The diet allows 28 kinds of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks at limited portions. There are also 80 recipes in this diet that have been analyzed well and each of them contain the appropriate amount of calories, cholesterol, fiber, sodium, saturated fat carbohydrates and total fat. With the Flat Belly Diet, you will only take around 1600 calories a day. It is optional to include regular exercise during and after the diet so as to aid you in shedding off excess weight and lose belly fat fast.

You are not allowed to skip any meal at all, especially breakfast. The diet is designed to eradicate bad eating habits and turn them into good habits. Medical experts say that you lose weight in this diet not only because of the MUFA but because it is natural to lose weight first at the mid-section of the body when undergoing a diet.

The Flat Belly diet is actually a changed lifestyle which will help you lose weight, reduce stress, and encourage you to exercise after the diet plan. The diet has a website where you can download recipes you can eat as well as get advice and recommendation on your nutritional intake. More information is located there to motivate and encourage you to lose weight. When you order the Flat Belly Diet book, you will also receive a journal, a pocket guide, a workout plan, flat belly cookbooks and online recipes for your plan.

The Flat Belly diet is a weight loss plan that controls your calorie intake in a healthy and effective way. It is a diet filled with nutrition due to the recipes that are mostly plant-based. When you follow this diet, you will have a strong heart and proper overall health. You will have to be committed to stick to this diet plan and of course, you need to incorporate it with exercise although this is optional. Because you are allowed five meals a day, hunger pangs will be controlled. Try this diet and you will surely lose weight and belly fat safely and successfully.

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