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What is the Fast Food Diet?

Fast Food

Fanatics of fast food will definitely love the Fast Food Diet. This kind of diet involves eating at fast food restaurants and choosing the right and healthy food to eat in the said restaurant. According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a cardiologist, one can lose weight under the Fast Food Diet if he or she chooses the healthy food in the menu coupled with regular exercise.

This diet is done for one and a half months. It involves eating at the biggest and major fast food restaurants and selecting the healthy foods there. In the book on this kind of diet, there are tips included by the author on how to pick healthy meals from different types of restaurants, food courts in shopping malls, convenience stores and even cafeterias in airports.

This kind of diet is for those people who are so busy and do not have the time to prepare a good meal. It is for those individuals who are preoccupied with their work, busy mothers, lovers of fast food, and people who love quick food and at the same time would like to shed off excess weight. In a perfect world, people will only eat healthy food such as fruit, leans meat, vegetables, low-fat or non-fat dairy products and whole grains. In reality, however, this is just not possible always as people will either be tempted or forced to eat unhealthy food due to unavoidable circumstances.

Those who wish to try this diet can eat baked potatoes, chili, small burgers, grilled sandwiches and fruit parfaits. This diet does not include however French fries, sodas and colas. Foods that have trans-fat or saturated fat are also not allowed. People can substitute these for healthier choices so that they will not miss them. For example, one can have a burger but only if the patty is made of tofu. He can also have a sandwich as long as the bread is made of wheat, the meat inside is that of grilled lean chicken and it replaces tomatoes and other vegetables for mayonnaise and other fattening sauces. If he wants a salad, the dressing must be vinaigrette instead of garlic or a ranch salad dressing. Instead of drinking soda, one can have a juiced vegetable or fruit drink.

A study made on this kind of diet revealed that if one sticks to this diet for a year, he may lose up to 50 pounds annually. This diet does not make one hungry or deprived because he would still be able to eat the kind of food he likes in a fast food minus the dressings, sauces, fat-loaded animal meat, and saturated or trans-fat.

When one goes to a fast food restaurant, he must bring with him a copy of the Fast Food diet plan so that he would be able to make wiser choices from the menu. At home, he can resume eating normal and healthy foods from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and lean meat.

It is also important that the dieter sticks to the diet plan and commits to adhere to it for some time. When he enters fast food restaurants, he must be steadfast to choose only the healthier choices in the menu. It is necessary for the person to be inspired to stick to this diet because it would be quite difficult to walk in a fast food restaurant and not to order the typical meals there. He must think of the end-result of his sacrifices such as the perfect body he will have as well as the optimal health he will achieve. The fast food diet will make him build a strong immunity as protection from diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, cancer a few other severe illnesses.

With this kind of diet, it may seem impossible to achieve weight loss but there are people who went through it and were able to lose weight. Studies also confirmed the plausibility of such a diet.

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