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Eat Right for Your Type Diet


Eat Right for Your Type Diet. Peter D'Adamo, a naturopathic physician authored a book called "Eat Right for Your Type" which become the basis of Eat for Your Type Diet. His theory hinges on people's four blood types (A, B, AB, and O) which would determine what food are good for those types. The Genotype approach, as the other called this diet, says that, once one knew the person's genetic make up, you're offered a choice of the kind of food you can eat, not what you can't. Self knowledge is the key, rather than self denial.

For example, Type O blood type has this characteristic of gearing towards bad behavior such as extreme anger, tantrums and hyperactivity when confronted by stress, or getting bored or being depressed. So for the Type O, blood type, to lessen the impact of this bad behavior from occurring, the recommended diet would be vegetables and fruits and lean organic meats. They should not drink coffee or consumed alcohol, because this would raise the adrenalin level which is already high in people with Type O blood type.

Type O's usually have low levels of thyroid hormone because of insufficient iodine that regulate the hormone to prevent weight gain, that induces fatigue, and activate fluid retention. For this, salt water fish or sea weed diets are the recommended. Type A's should have fruits and vegetables; while Type B's can eat almost all the combination of the varied diet. Type AB's on the other hand should eat some meat, but should avoid those cured or smoked meats.

Lectins, a protein found in foods, according to D'Adamo, if not go well with one's blood type can target organs and damage the body system. This protein has bad effect on blood cells. This can cause disease such as kidney disease or cancer. Now, this can be prevented from happening if lectins found its right blood type. This is the reason, why according of D'Adamo, that certain foods are specified for each blood type.

The great hullabaloo of this Eat Right for Your Type Diet is the discounting of the calorie counts as basis for eating habits. You can eat with abandon just as long that the food corresponds to your blood type.

Blood Type Diet, though, has no guarantee one would lose weight. No scientific research yet that are available that it would be enforceable.

Mainstream nutritionists and medical doctors for lack of published studies to show that the Eat Right For Your Type Diet works, or that blood type can be related to disease, criticize the program and advice their patient not to follow it. D'Adamo admitted that no scientific study has been done, but he has posted pages of references on his web site that back up his claim that blood type may be related to disease.

Certain foods can calibrate the effect of blood type to specific diseases, as theorized by D'Adamo. This theory, however, has been investigated and talked about, but no resolution yet has been established. Justifying D'Adamo's diet that there is relationship involve with specific blood type that caused specific disease, would be considered as a huge leap, according to Andrea Wiley, a PhD associate professor of Anthropology at Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va. In fact Michael Klaper, a general practice physician in Pukalani Hawaii, said that the Eat Right for Your Type Diet can be harmful. Eating meat in large amount, for example, as allowed by the D'Adamos's diet type has been rejected by most diet plans because as fats adds up there's no more space left for other crucial food. A lactose-intolerant Type B, for example, who would be encouraged by D'Adamo's plan to eat a variety of dairy foods, would have difficulties as well, Klaper added.

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