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What is the Dukan Diet?

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The French people have made a number of significant contributions to the world. They gifted the Americans with the Statue of Liberty; they introduced the most romantic of kisses, and of course, who can ever forget about the most delicious of all snacks, French Fries. During the modern times however, the French have joined the alternative diet bandwagon craze and introduced their own alternative diet, the Dukan Diet.

The Dukan Diet is currently the number one diet in France. Just like the Paleolithic Diet, the Dukan Diet is a nutritional plan based on the healthy eating habits of primitive man. It was introduced by Pierre Dukan, and it is a protein based nutritional diet.

The Dukan Diet has four main components or "ground pillars". These pillars include the following:

The first phase is called the "Attack Phase". During this phase, the main goal of the person is rapid weight loss. The person following the diet must lose approximately four to six pounds in within a span of two ten days. The main reason for this is or the person to kick-start his or her metabolism. During this phase, the dieter must only lean protein such as beef, chicken, fish, eggs, and soy. The only carbohydrate allowed in throughout the duration of this phase is oat bran.

Following the "Attack Phase" is the "Cruise Phase". During this phase, the dieter must add 28 specific vegetables to his or her diet. The duration of this phase depends on how much weight the person needs to shed. However, approximately 2.2 pounds per week is suggested. Some of the vegetables recommended during this phase include corn, carrots, spinach, lettuce, peas, etc. Just as long as the vegetables are not starchy, they can be consumed by the dieter. It should also be noted that fruits are not allowed to be consumed during this phase.

The third phase of the Dukan Diet is the "Consolidation Phase". Most Dukan dieters consider this to be the most enjoyable part of the diet. This phase allows the dieter to have tow celebration meals per week. During a celebration meal, the dieter is allowed to break free from his or her vegetable and protein diet and is permitted to eat anything he or she wanrts. The goal of the "Consolidation Phase" is to stop the dieter from gaining weight.

The final phase of the Dukan Diet is the "Stabilization Phase". This is the longest phase of the diet and it is known as the maintenance phase. The dieters are permitted to eat any kind of food provided that they do the following: eat an all protein diet once a week, eat three tablesppons o oat bran every day, and walk or at least twenty minutes every single day.

How Did the Dukan Diet Originate?

Dr. Pierre Duan discovered the benefits of the Dukan Diet after one of his friends asked him to create a weight loss plan wherein he wouldn't have to give up the consumption of meat. After Dr. Dukan found out that his plan was a success, he started developing the Dukan Diet.

The Downside of the Dukan Diet

Although the Dukan Diet is proven to be an effective weight loss plan, just like most things on earth, it also has a downside. First of all, since it is primarily a protein based diet, it can be pretty pricey. Second, the diet is also found to be unsafe for people susceptible to electrolyte imbalance. Third and last, following the Dukan Diet can also lead people to have gout. That is why those who are planning to start the Dukan diet must take the long term effects of the diet into consideration first.

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