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What is Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution?

The Good Doctor

Dr. Phil McGraw is one of the most popular television personalities around. While his celebrity status makes him credible, the results of Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution make him even more convincing. Forget for a moment that he has been closely allied to the likes of Oprah Winfrey, and think of how he has made people turn their lives around. Without the trimmings of Hollywood, Dr. Phil's approach to weight loss is considered eye-opening. This is largely due to the fact that he lets people see the big picture with his no nonsense approach and 'get real' attitude. To some people, he's all talk, but his gift of gab may have some merits considering the number of people he has helped lose weight. And these people struggled with eating problems and some of them found themselves carrying a 300-pound burden that does not seem to go away.

Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution tackles seven key points that would help a person change his or her view on weight problems. It underscores the importance of "personal truth", because Dr. Phil believes that the change should start from the inside out in order to fully turn one's life around. This approach is considered holistic and more thorough because it tries to find and expose the real issue behind weight gain. Dr. Phil has pointed out that weight problems spawn from deep-seated issues that primarily stems from emotional disturbance. Impulse eating is highlighted as one of the culprits that keep people fat. Under the Ultimate Weight Solution program, the person is guided through a personal journey that would underpin the possible causes of bad eating habits. It somehow mimics that of counselling session that allows the person to look deep within himself/herself. The idea is that real change can only occur if the person experiences a change inside, which in turn would manifest on the outside. Needless to say, the program is concerned with behavioral change. If people can change their ways, other challenges in life would not be as burdensome. This perfectly applies to weight gain due to emotional eating. The program emphasizes the need to have the emotional strength to counter impulse eating. This involves having the courage not to give in to every food temptation. Dr. Phil encourages use of substitution, wherein one bad habit should be replaced by a good habit in order to counter the negativities. For example, replacing junk food in the fridge with healthy food so that when impulse eating sets in, the person is armed with the conviction not to eat or eat only healthy food. Initially, this may not be a very appealing diet solution to people, but as one starts to get with the program, there will be a realization that everything makes sense.

Dr. Phil also emphasises the importance of exercise and he said that it should be a priority because there is no way weight loss can be achieved without exercise. People tend to believe this part of the solution because it makes the program complete. Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution works for many people because it was designed to address other issues apart from bad eating habits. It does not solely focus on the problem of weight gain, but it looks deeper into the overall being of the person. As it stands, the solution to weight gain is not a piecemeal method but a holistic approach, wherein the person emerges as a better person with healthy emotional, physical, and mental status. With this kind of result, it is no wonder Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Loss Solution is touted as one of the most effective programs to have ever been created.

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