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What is the Cookie Diet?


There is a long list of diet regimens that leave people more confused than enlightened. Some diet plans work on some people, but most of them don't. There are also diet schemes that seem ridiculous but people attest to the fact that the plans work, no matter how strange they sound. Perhaps one of the diet solutions that can make one pay attention is the cookie diet. Without clear understanding of the cookie diet plan, people tend to be drawn by the idea of eating cookies to lose weight. It sounds absurd, but the truth is that the diet is backed by medical study.

The cookie diet was designed by Dr. Sanford Siegal in 1975 to help his patients in Miami, Florida to lose weight. The cookie was created to control the hunger of his overweight patients. This means that the cookie is not the ordinary store-bought cookies that pack in hundreds of calories. Dr. Siegal formulated his cookies with dietary benefits in mind. Each cookie contains a secret proprietary amino acid protein blend that helps control hunger. The cookies initially were only made available from several doctors in limited areas. But in when dieters using the cookie diet plan emerged thinner, lighter, and healthier, everybody wanted the cookies in their cookie jars. Due to insistent public demand, Dr. Siegal allowed a company to open diet center franchises featuring the cookie weight loss method. Since then, over happy 500,000 dieters have made use of the cookie diet plan and more people are trying out the weight loss method.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why the cookie diet has become so popular is because it deviates from the usual diet plans being offered to the dieting public. The cookie diet method does not stop people from eating because Dr. Siegal does not believe in starving dieters. In fact, he believes that eating every two hours between wake up time and bedtime is the best solution to persistent hunger. This is because when people go hungry, they tend to eat more than they should and end up gaining more weight instead of losing the extra pounds. Dr. Siegal's cookie diet plan includes a total of 9 small snacks and one full meal. The idea is to silence the hunger pangs that persist every so often by eating the cookies, which are considered light snacks. Since the cookies are specially formulated, eating one or two would make the hunger go away and there is no need to eat a big meal because the body is already satisfied with the cookies. With the diet, people seem to be constantly eating but in very small portions, which eventually stops hunger in its tracks.

With the popularity of the diet plan, the special cookies have made their way to diet regimens and have become mainstream, attracting even a number of celebrities and athletes. Since there has been a clamor for healthier food, Dr. Siegal has reformulated his original cookie recipe to include healthier ingredients, reducing the calories by including more all-natural ingredients. The reformulated cookie is now under the new eating plan called Dr. Siegal's Pan 10x. Dieters can still munch on the original cookie formula under the classic cookie diet plan.

Among the diet options available, the cookie diet seems to be the most intriguing, which draws more people to it. The good thing is that the cookie diet is proven to work and this is evidenced by testimonials that make it to the front page of magazines. Now on its 36th year, the cookie diet does not show signs of slowing down, and it continues to help dieters reach their goals without starving themselves silly.

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