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The Cheater's Diet and Its Pros and Cons


Cheaters never win. Not anymore. Apparently the Cheaters Diet plan tolerates cheating. Gone were the days when cheating in a diet is a huge no-no. The Cheater's diet promises a foolproof plan for eating, cheating and losing weight permanently. It also swears on helping you lose up to 20 pounds in eight weeks. According to Dr. Paul Rivas the Cheater's diet helps dieters do the two things needed to help them lose weight: remain interested in the diet and keep their metabolism up.

So What is The Cheaters Diet all about? The premise is that bringing the balance between the "cheat" foods and healthy foods. Unlike other diet that only focuses on food, the Cheater's diet encourages exercise and physical activities. The exercise plan includes a non-exercise activity thermo genesis, five days per week such as recreational activities and yard works, a walk at least two days a week and after meals exercise. It also includes planning in going to the gym, deciding when to dine in or eat out is taught during the diet program. The Cheaters Diet permits you to eat without guilt within 36 hours of cheating time from Saturday to Sunday. However, Saturday and Sunday are not free-for-all cheaters liberation day, Dr. Rivas recommends cheat foods that include pizza, chocolate, beer, ice cream, strawberry shortcake and other comfort foods like cheese, meat and nuts. From Monday until Friday, you are allowed to eat healthy and do physical activity as frequently as possible. Foods not allowed during the week are sugar, bread, saturated fats or alcohol. The diet plan also includes supplements such as Yerba Mate, Amino Acid L-tyrosine, Mucana Pruriens and Green Tea Extract that is said to protect the liver and heart.

What foods are allowed during the Cheaters Diet Plan?

1. A diet that includes peanuts, yogurt, many fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals, lean protein, low fat dairy, and healthy fats.

2. You should follow the THE PLATE METHOD: You are only allowed to eat at least two snacks and up to three meals every day using the highly recommended plate method. Just place fruits or vegetables on half of the plate, of the plate should be protein, and the other 1/4 of the plate should be filled with whole cereals and grains. Some books and versions offer menus and recipes to help you understand your weight loss regimen.

What are the pros and cons of The Cheaters Diet?


1. Plate method is proven very effective in apportioning food that the body needs.

- By apportioning your food you won't be able to find it difficult to determine if you are still following your diet, especially when eating out. You will know exactly what portion of the plate should have more food selection than the other portions as explained above.

2. It also encourages exercise, which means you get to shed off those extra pounds more effectively.

- Some diet regimens do not include exercise as part of the program.

3. A somehow balance choice of food.

4. Easy to follow because there is an outline of what is allowed or not.

5. Lessen the feeling of starvation since there are cheat days where you can eat your guilty pleasures.

- Cheat days are like rewards days. You can treat yourself with your favorite food without having to worry about "cheating", precisely because it is allowed.


1. The cheaters diet includes supplements not proven to help lose weight.

2. Lacks back up research to support their claim.

3. The healthy diet recommendation for the week may be good in a short term basis.

4. There is a risk of eating too much during cheat days.

5. Rebound effect is possible.

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