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The Carb Lovers Diet: Its Pros and Cons


Hurray for the carbs!!! Say goodbye now to the low carb (sometimes, no-carb-at-all) diet, because the Carb Lovers Diet is here. The Carb Lovers diet is promising a weight loss regimen without depriving your body of the carbohydrates it needs. Just so you know, carbohydrates are not our body's enemy, in fact it serves as our body's fuel to keep us going each day. This Carb Lovers Diet plan selects just the right kind and amount of carbohydrates that our body needs.

Designed by Frances Largeman-Roth and Ellen Kunes, this diet plan dismisses the belief that carbohydrates are the problem when it comes to dieting and losing weight. That if carefully chosen, these carbs can in fact help us shed some more weight for that ideal body shape we want to achieve. These carb foods can actually help us feel more energetic, boost our ability to burn fat and reduce hunger.

Research suggests that this resistant starch found in carbohydrates food can actually boost up metabolism. This kind of food can suppress our appetite and it also increases the natural rate of the fat burning ability of our body. It reduces our abdominal fat and it increases ones thin muscle mass. The Carb Lovers Diet Plan emphasizes on resistant starch food that passes through our body by being digested very slowly. The nutrients from the food are absorbed thoroughly by the body.

The Carb Lovers Diet Plan recommends starchy foods such as: peas, peanuts, whole grain bread and cereals, whole grain pasta, yogurt, cheese and eggs. On the other hand, what you need to avoid during the the Carb Lovers Diet Plan are: low fiber foods like white bread, crackers, and sugary foods such as cakes and other sweet pastries. These low fiber and sugary foods break down very quickly resulting to hunger and craving for food.

The Carb Lovers Diet starts on 7 day Carb lovers Kick Start Plan. During this stage, one consumes four little meals and a limited consumption of calories not exceeding 1200 per day.

Next part after the Kick Start Plan is the Carb immersion plan. During this stage of the plan you are allowed to eat five tiny meals per day and a calorie intake not exceeding 1600 calories. The great part is that, once a week you will be allowed to eat chocolates, beer and a couple of glasses of wine.

This diet plan has five basic rules:

1. Include your favorite foods in each meal so that you won't feel deprived.

2. Consume any resistant starch suggested above on your meal.

3. Always remember to include vegetables, protein and fruits.

4. Just eat tiny portions of food each meal.

5. You can have you own resistant starch pantry, including your own choices.

Pros: All food groups are present therefore giving the body the nutrients it needs. You won't feel deprived because you can include your own favorite food every meal. Most food included in the diet is rich in vitamins beneficial to the body. You can make your own creative substitutions to fit your personal preferences as long as it is within the bounds of the program.

Cons: It's still a diet plan just like any diet plan available, therefore it may or may not work. That is why it is most advised that before getting on any kind of diet, you should make sure you consult a dietitian or your doctor, just to make sure if it's safe for you. Your body might react differently with this kind of diet program.

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