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The Brown Fat Revolution Diet

Brown Fat Cells

Corresponding to having food as a necessity, we have been blessed with the sin of gluttony. It's funny how people seem apathetic until they've realized that they've outgrown their shorts, pants, and blouses. Guilty much? Here's how to solve this problem:

Have you ever heard of the Brown fat revolution diet? Yes, you heard it right. We have always regarded fat as the primary antagonist to having sexy, youthful, and healthy body. We often relate it to numerous of health problems like high blood and stoke. It's true. However, you may think again for it is not entirely true. Believe me, you too can benefit from fats.

Dr. James R. Lyons, MD, a plastic surgeon, argued that not all body fat is bad. According to him humans need fat too. He further argues that there are two kinds of fat storage: the brown fat and the yellow fat. Brown fat is the fat that was present in every newborn baby. As we age, this fat is replaced by a larger amount of yellow fat. This makes us look more aged. It can also affect one's appearance through wrinkles or stretch marks on thighs.

Yellow fat is what we literally relate to as body fat or adipose. It is soft and consistent, spreading through the different parts of your body. This is the fat that makes you look voluptuous. On the contrary we have brown fat. Brown fat is harder in form and elastic. Its main purpose is to increase the rate at which fat is burned. This is exactly where brown fat diet revolution started. Brown fat revolution is a plan created and developed by Dr. Lyons to enlighten his readers on how to incorporate fat in diet process. He has mixed both nutrition and exercise in a way that burns your yellow fat and helps generate brown fat. It is directed to assist people in losing or maintaining weight. Not only that, the brown fat revolution program also aims to discipline its followers to create an eating plan that alternates intake between carbohydrates and proteins. It also stresses on having a consistent exercise regimen that will help you get rid of those extra pounds.

The brown fat diet revolution suggests that a person should eat six times a day to maintain regular metabolism. It recommends having two alternate eating days; the carbs day and protein day. Brown fat diet revolution strictly advocates this process. On carbs day, you should eat big amounts of starchy vegetables and fruits and a small serving of protein. However, on protein days, you eat more protein, non-starchy veggies, low fat dairies and low carb fruits. It would be best to eat nuts, while grains, chicken breast, fruit, legumes, vegetables, olive oil and fish. To give you a clearer image on how your meals should be planned, here's a sample diet plan for it: For breakfast, you may eat oatmeal mixed with apples and cinnamon. It is also best to treat yourself with a glass of delectable skim milk. For morning snack, you could eat a small portion of non-fat yogurt. For lunch, you could try Spanish salad with tuna and salmon garnished with oil and vinegar. Make sure you reward yourself with one small apple for dessert. For afternoon snack, you could eat raw vegetables for a change. In dinner, try indulging grilled chicken breast top with half serving of brown rice. You could also add soup or any steamed vegetable for the evening's menu. For evening snack, you could eat popcorn to suffice your cravings.

As for the exercise needed, the brown diet revolution recommend workouts that increases your metabolism level. It suggests aerobic and cardio exercises however, this only raises your metabolism temporarily. It emphasizes a four week routine exercise which focuses on bungee cords and resistance bands but this will differ for people aged 30 to 50 years old, especially those over 40 years.

Any diet plan for that matter would not work if you're not being consistent in your diet. To lose weight entails a combined diet plan and a good exercise routine. All you need is a clear motivation and a goal and surely you'll have the body to die for.

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