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What is the Big Breakfast Diet?

Breakfast Yeah!

Pizza and chocolate are usually the foods that a dieter usually avoids for him or her to slim down. It is a welcome development that a clinical professor at the Virginia Commonwealth University named Daniela Jakubowicz, came up with a unique method to lose unwanted pounds. What is the Big Breakfast Diet? It is basically a diet wherein anyone can feast on chocolates and pizza, provided that person consumes these foods before 9a.m.

The basis for this amazing discovery is a study that compared a diet low in carbohydrates to one that combined eating large amounts of foodstuff laden with carbohydrates. Astonishingly, the results showed that people who embarked on the huge breakfast regimen significantly lost more weight in contrast with those who consumed the low carbohydrate diet. According to Jakubowicz, it is all about timing and proteins, carbohydrates, and calories should be eaten in specific amounts in a day.

What is the Big Breakfast Diet? The good doctor who also works for the Hospital de Clinicas Caracas in Venezuela also mentioned that a person's body will convert meals in another way and it will really depend on the hour of a day a person eats. Furthermore, she avers that metabolism will be boosted when one has a hearty breakfast while eating less during the day. By following this regimen, a dieter may start losing weight and decrease his or her chances in developing diabetes and even hypertension later in life. For starters, he or she can eat a huge breakfast provided that it has a total of six-hundred calories that has high levels of carbohydrates and proteins.

In contrast, a dieter should limit his or her carbohydrate intake so this will provide lesser calories; hence the total calorie consumption will be at 1,200. In another front, chocolates and cookies are highly recommended to be part of breakfast during the day. The regimen states that sweets will raise a person's serotonin levels to its maximum levels, so cravings will be greatly reduced. On the other hand, if a dieter suppresses his or her need to consume carbohydrates, this will only make things worse and all the dieting will go down the drain because a person resorted to eating food that are not good for his or her well-being.

When it comes to food, the ones that are highly suggested are: vegetables, cake, ice cream, smoothies, pizza, fruit, cheese, pancakes, bread, cookies, chocolate, turkey, and steak. Dieters should consume these snacks in four months. During this time, a dieter should jot down notes on what he or she ate that day. Also, it would be wise for one to see how the meals had an effect on his or her cravings. The following day the person will consume the very same meals, but will eat half of the other day's food intake in a prolonged breakfast.

For some people the big breakfast satiated them the entire day, so they never got famished the rest of the way. What is the Big Breakfast Diet? To illustrate the point, Daniela Jakubowicz in another study divided ninety-four overweight women who were in their thirties into two groups. The first batch in the low-carbohydrate regimen was told to consume food that totaled 1,085 calories while the other batch was allotted 1,240 calories a day. For the first group of women it meant that they have to eat food that had 290 calories along with twelve grams of protein, and seventeen grams of carbohydrates. In contrast, the second group was allowed to wolf down 610 calories during breakfast along with forty-seven grams of protein, and fifty-eight grams of carbohydrates.

After four months of losing weight they turned to a maintenance system that lasted for another four months. The result was that the first group lost a total of twenty pounds while those in the second group who tried the Big Breakfast diet shed off a total of twenty-three pounds. The Big Breakfast Diet of Daniela Jakubowicz does work!

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