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The Biggest Loser Diet


Did you know that in 2004, the United States Department of Health discovered that more than 30% of the whole American population is inactive? This is very alarming considering that this percentage greatly corresponds to the number of obese individuals in the state. Studies show that obesity could lead to chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. Not only that, obese people often feel insecure about themselves making them unconfident and dissatisfied with their physical forms. At present, there are approximately 350 million obese individuals around the world and one of them could be you. It is high time to take your health seriously. Accept the change and embrace the biggest loser diet.

But what is biggest loser diet? It all started with the Biggest Loser Tv program on NBC which aims to assist obese individuals who, in one way or another, seeks to change unhealthy way of living. However, you need not to participate in the tv show to lose weight. No televised temptations of mouthwatering foods, no personal trainers, no diet pills. All you need is a firm motivation and you'll surely get the results you desire.

Biggest loser diet is a low-calorie diet based on the Biggest loser tv show pyramid of 4-3-2-1 which means: Four (4) serving of vegetables, three (3) portions of lean protein, two (2) servings of whole grains, and one (1) for extra which could be in form of fat, sweet, or alcohol equivalent to 200 calories. The biggest loser diets should also be accompanied with traditional exercise to consistently lose weight, decrease blood pressure, lower cholesterol count, and become stronger.

The biggest loser diet was created and developed by a group of specialized dietitian and trainers to provide a 12 week program intended to meet all the information you need in your diet. With The biggest loser diet you will have to frequently eat small portion of meals containing heaps of protein and fiber to make you feel full without having to intake too much calories. To meet your needs, the program highlight the quality of the calories you take so that you could enjoy a more natural, nourishing foods that will help you deal with your hunger and cravings. Through the biggest loser diet program you will not be eating anything that will help you kindle your appetite. Carbohydrates are a complete no go. Bread, potatoes and pasta would only make you crave for more. The program also suggest that you keep a daily journals of what you eat to supervise whether you are consistent in eating the right amount of servings needed for your diet.

You should also not forget to drink at least 50 to 68 ounces of water each day for it for it will mobilize your digestion. Water is the key to success in dieting. It regulates your digestion, prevents dehydration, and makes you feel fuller at the same time. Water also helps flush away toxins from your body.

To give you a bigger picture here is a sample meal of the biggest loser daily plan: For breakfast, you should eat one (1) serving of whole grain, half serving of protein, and one (1) serving of fruit. For snacks, you can eat half serving of protein and a serving of fruit. For lunch, you should eat one (1) serving of fruit, a half serving of whole grain or rice, and one serving of green leafy vegetables. After 2-4 hours you can again snack on a half serving of protein and one (1) serving of fruit. For dinner, you should eat half servings of protein and rice and double servings of veggies to cleanse and wash away toxins from the body before going to sleep.

According to Forberg, one thing to remember while going on a diet is to read and analyze food labels. It is important that you watch what you eat or else your diet is useless. Bear in mind that vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw or prepare without any preservatives or extra fat. Dieters should choose whole grains that are more defined, contains more fiber and lesser sugar. Lean meat, fish, vegetables are the smartest choice for protein intake. Remember: Your calorie level decides how large your servings will be not to mention your protein choices.

Indeed, the biggest loser diet program will help you change the old apathetic you. You will learn to love yourself more as you learn what food to eat and it's right amount of serving. One more tip: Strong motivation never fails. Just believe in yourself and surely, you will achieve that healthy, sexy body you've been dreaming to have.

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