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What is the Baby Food Diet?

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It is no surprise that most babies love baby food and millions of parents buy this foodstuff because they know that baby food are very nutritious and delicious. Surprisingly, Hollywood celebrities have turned to baby food in order to lose weight. The craze soon spread among famous movie stars like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon, and even Hedi Slimane, a chief designer for Christian Dior once tried it to fit into his pants. Even Mark Heyes, a fashion stylist joined the latest fad which came to be known as the Baby Food Diet.

One odd reason for the emergence of this diet is the skinny jean rage among young people. What is the Baby Food Diet? It is a diet wherein dieters eat baby food at certain times in a day and use this as an alternative for regular food that they eat in dinner or lunch. This diet somehow emboldens skinny people to become more emaciated so they could fit into the smallest jeans. It may seem unusual to some, but this particular is arguably the best diet method in the market today because a person is able to consume the most nourishing food on earth, which is baby food.

What is the Baby Food Diet? For adults, they argue that if baby food is good for their children it would most likely be beneficial for them too. It does not really matter if one chomps down Gerber or other nutritious morsels like Beech-nut because baby food is able to satisfy the body's nutritional requirements. Of course, a balanced meal should still be taken aside from integrating baby food in a person's diet. Instead of wolfing down a hefty amount of French fries, burgers, or fried chicken, a good alternative would be Gerber that is eaten with tiny helpings of strawberries.

For all the hype that is give to this fad, some people may find the diet unexciting because baby food is devoid of the usual spices that perk up regular meals. For the fastidious ones, they cannot imagine eating meals without the usual spices such as garlic and onions. Nevertheless, baby food that does not contain enough sugar and may taste bland is still very healthy. People who can handle the taste will soon realize that this diet will not be detrimental to their well-being.

For those who seriously want to try this diet, they will have to eat fourteen jars of pureed food and one solid meal a day. It may seem repulsive, but it is a small price to pay if one wants to lose unwanted poundage. People who consume plenty of calories in a day will soon discover that a jar of baby food contains only eighty calories. If they will follow the diet plan, the total calories that they consumed that day would be 1,120. Furthermore, if they eat small portions of it throughout the day, hunger pangs will be a thing of the past.

One of the best things about this fad is that it cleanses the body while impeding one's hunger. There is an assortment of baby food like vegetables, meat, grain, bean, and fruit varieties that a person can eat with gusto. Still, another great benefit is that pureed food is easy to digest and there is no need to cook it. Since baby food has little fiber, food with healthy fats can be thrown into the mix and this will include fish that has n-3 fatty acids, avocados, and nuts.

When it comes to pricing, a twelve pack baby food such as Earth's best dinner variety will only cost fifteen dollars. Tracy Anderson, who is the brainchild of the baby food craze, is probably smiling these days because many people have embraced his great idea.

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