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Lose Weight and Avoid Boredom - The 4 Day Diet

The 4 Day Diet

Dieting is never easy. Inside your house, particularly in your kitchen, there's always a scrumptious meal prepared at the dining table. As you walk along the streets, it's very rare that you do not encounter a fancy restaurant, fast-food chain or even bakery. In your workplace or in school, there's a canteen that serves delectable foods which are pleasing to your eyes. Unfortunately, temptation lurks everywhere, making it hard for you to stick with your chosen diet plan.

However, there's a solution for your problem. You can always subscribe to the 4 Day Diet. The 4 Day Diet is a diet plan created by Dr. Ian Smith, author of the Fat Smash and Extreme Fat Smash diets. The good thing about this diet is that it helps you avoid the common woes of dieting such as boredom caused by too much repetition, and plateaus as a result of giving in to our sinful food cravings. By inculcating discipline in you, the 4 Day Diet seeks to help you adjust to new eating patterns and curtail the amount of food you eat. If strictly adhered, this diet plan promises a weight loss of 10-12 pounds in twenty-eight days.

Contrary to its title, this diet is not a crash diet that lasts for four days only. Rather it consists of seven separate dieting modules that last for four days each. The seven dieting modules are Induction, Transition, Protein Stretch, Smooth, Push, Pace, and Vigorous.

The Induction Module detoxifies your body, cleansing it from all 'poisons' present in your body. It recommends the consumption of fruit, vegetables, and other non-starchy foods such as beans and brown rice until you lose some pounds. Chicken, fish, and beef are strictly prohibited. Low-fat or nonfat yogurt or milk, however, is allowed.

Next is the Transition Module. The Transition Module reintroduces all food groups into your meal plan. It includes in your meal plan a lot of unprocessed foods that are high in fiber in order to help you feel full despite fewer calories. In this module, you follow the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for each food group.

Meanwhile, the Protein Stretch Module allows you to load up on protein and urges you to reduce your consumption of carbohydrate-rich food. It adds lean meats, fish, milk, and eggs to your diet to prevent weight loss plateaus. This is to help your muscles synthesize proteins as your muscle develops.

The Smooth Module gives you four days to eat some of your formerly forbidden food cravings (such as pizza and chips) in moderation. Meanwhile, the Push Module requires you to go back to your strict diet plan. Aside from prohibition of unhealthy foods, it requires you to reduce your food consumption

As your body adjusts to the diet plan, the Pace Module allows you to indulge in momentary pleasure. Finally, the Vigorous Module is designed to help you shred the remaining pounds you'd like to get rid of. As long as you follow the first two modules, you can do the other five in whatever sequence you wish.

For this diet to be more effective, Smith advises that this diet be supplemented with exercise. Dieters are advised to do a combination of aerobics and strength training in every module. More than thirty minutes of exercise is advised on most days of the week.

Overall, this diet is quite appealing especially for those who prefer variety and get easily bored with their diet plan. Unlike other diet plans, the 4 Day Diet allows dieters to customize their diet plan according to their preferences. Hence, it's a unique approach to help keep dieters interested in adhering to their diet plan.

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