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The 3-Hour Diet Program

3 Hours?

A whole lot of diet enthusiasts neglect the vital role of metabolism in any weight loss program. In simple terms, the higher the metabolic rate of the body, the more calories your system is about to burn. Keeping the metabolic rate high is the prime goal in fitness centers, thus, exercises today are gone strenuous and more extreme. Recent research and experimentation claim that metabolic reaction of some foods in our body paved the way for faster weight reduction. Consequently, nutritionists and diet masters formulated and enhanced diet program that focused not only on lesser food intake, and not only on a much healthier and sensible eating habit, but more on metabolic reaction of foods when incorporated with some specified food in the food pyramid structure. The program is set to boost your Baseline Metabolic Rate or BMR.

As a consequence, a unique Three-Hour Diet program is introduced to more would-be weight watchers by Jorge Cruise, a renowned Fitness Journalist. The concept of dieting that the author wishes to impart is not to eradicate carb consumption but to minimize its intake while timing plays an important role. He believes that Low-Carb Low-Fat Diet is not the solution to quick weight reduction, it is in the timing of when and how much you need to consume a specified food in a given period. The scheme is dieter-friendly and will make eating so enjoyable. You can adapt with the program at once without surrendering your cravings for chocolates and desserts. Sounds too good to be true but the true key to Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Diet is to taste everything in moderation and all at a specified time. Instead of holding on temptations, grab a small piece and indulge rather than snubbing the food only to find out you are opening the fridge in the middle of the night.

The 3-Hour Diet component focused on trinity of timing. It is suggested to take breakfast within one hour of rising from the bed. It is recommended to eat every three hours thereafter. Remember that you don't have to put anything in your stomach three hours before bedtime. The author of 3-Hour Diet book is a strong believer that adapting the scheme in your diet will increase BMR, that is, how fast your body system can burn calories, suppress appetite and still boost up one's energy level.

What are these foods allowed in the 3-Hour Diet fad? This will include three meals, two snacks and a treat each day. Sounds wonderful! For sure, a lot of people in this weight reduction program are gone passionate enjoying 5-6 smaller meals a day rather than 3 big meals. It is to register in the mind that there are no bad foods, only bad proportions. You must learn how to eat certain amount of food at the right time. Fats, Protein and Carbohydrates, even dessert are not restricted in the diet; all portions are balanced in 400 calories per serving. Although you can eat anything, try to rid off the sinful fats, too sweet food counts high in calories. You are only allowed to take 100-calorie snack to keep your system going. The principle of the Three-Hour Diet scheme is to re-program your metabolism by taking food regularly every three hours. It is believe that our energy boosts up after every food intake. It is this energy that we use to burn calories. Haven't you notice perspiring after every meal? That's the start of metabolism process.

Once the stomach is filled, our system will begin to work. Metabolism prevents the body from slowing down leading to immobility where unnecessary fats begin to store in the body. This is why starvation is prohibited in the program, it only lowers our energy to move, renders us sedentary with no reason to perspire at all.

Believing now that starvation is invariably a failed diet attempt, the Three-Hour Diet could be the best diet program you are looking for. By religiously following it, you are to expect losing 2 lbs. each week. Aim to increase your BMR by supplying food to your body every three hours to keep the energy flowing. Just remember to supply it with small proportion. In addition, you can still skyrocket your BMR by regularly exercising, the best contributor to metabolism is muscle mass. Overweight people lack the mass that lowers their metabolic rate.

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