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What is the 02 Diet?

02 Diet

With so many diets popping out here and there nowadays, finding the right diet which is healthy and could work for you is becoming quite a tiresome task. Although there are many diets that can work for most people, one has to know that personalization is always the best. That's simple to understand since different things work for different people and so is the case for people's health. Following a diet that is suitable for your age, health and lifestyle should be strictly followed if one wants to achieve maximum results. One diet that has garnered much praise and recommendation from health and fitness experts is the 02 diet.

What is the 02 diet? Well if you've never heard it before, the 02 diet is a nutritional program that promotes not only fat shredding but overall betterment of health by flushing your system to rid off unhealthy chemicals with the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances found in many food and beverages which helps your body to fight diseases by cleaning your body and revitalizing your cells. It has been proven to improve the health of many people worldwide and is even suggested to help prevent various cancers and heart diseases.

Still can't get what is the 02 diet? Knowing how it works might shed you some light of understanding. Unlike most diets, in 02 you don't have to be afraid of the scale any longer. The 02diet isn't about looking after your weight. What's good about it is that you look after your health and your weight automatically follows after. How does that work? Unlike in other diets, you won't be measuring your calorie intake every time you eat. Instead, you'd be taking down notes on your ORAC points. What does ORAC mean? ORAC or oxygen radical absorption capacity reflects your intake of healthy food that contains antioxidants. Following a diet that lets you consume high amounts of antioxidants can have many benefits to your health like shredding weight the healthy way, feeling energized and avoiding fatigue, having great skin and many more.

What is the 02 diet and who is to be credited for this brilliant idea of achieving the body you want? The 02 diet was created by Keri Glassman, a registered dietician. The 02 diet plan consists of tips, filling and delicious recipes you can follow at home, food journals, and motivational plans. Not only is the 02 an eating plan but it a lifestyle in itself as well. Keeping up with the 02 diet means keeping up with life on the whole. It would modify not just your eating habits but your sleeping routines, exercise and stress levels for maximum results.

One thing that may have been bothering you from the beginning is this - where can you found antioxidants just exactly? Example of foods included in an 02 diet are beans, fish, nuts, tea, lean meat and other proteins, whole grain, herbs, spices, vegetables and many more. With a combination of these things, you can achieve the ideal 30,000 ORAC points in a day. And since the 02 diet is all about becoming healthy, eliminating unhealthy food in one's diet is just as important as antioxidant-rich food. Sugars, trans fat, processed food, chemicals, liquor, high-fat and fried food, baked goodies and sinful desserts - these are just some example of what to avoid in an 02 diet. Remember that the 02 works by flushing unwanted chemicals off your system so you can't eat unhealthily and just decide to flush them out later. If you want any diet to work, you really have to stay motivated and have the will to do it. The lack of discipline is a big factor why most diets fail.

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