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Childhood Vaccines- Are Your Children At Risk With Or Without Vaccines?


Thereís lots of opinions and rumors whether children are at greater risk for being Vaccinated, or whether to pass on getting their shots and disease prevention medications.

On one hand, some people feel that by having their children vaccinated, it puts them at risk from laboratory concocted potions being injected into their children bodies.

Also many parents feel bullied by the public school systems to have their children vaccinated because their backed by the government and led to believe that the vaccinations are required by law.

On the other hand, some parents feel that the labs and doctors behind creating these Vaccines, and then taking them to the mass numbers of kids, should be safe for their children. After all ,the Vaccines have been tested havenít they?

Recent vaccines introduced to mainstream medicine are tested short term, but like most vaccines, the long term side affects are yet to be known that could potentially put people at risk. However some Vaccines like the polio Vaccine invented by Jonas Salk around 1955 have had plenty of time to test whether there is any short term or long term side affects.

Jonas vaccine eliminated the Polio disease within the U.S by 1979 and wiped the disease out of the western Hemisphere by 1991.

Another hot debate is whether vaccines can cause autism. Autism is so mystifying, that it heats up the debate a lot greater.

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