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3 Positive Effects of Single Parenting

Parent With 2 Kids

When you are a single parent,you will find that that you are regularly inundated with facts about why it is less desirable than being with another person, or that your children are missing out on something all important.

Youíve heard all these arguments, but what you are not hearing is that there are some very important positive benefits to being a single parent.Whether you are feeling down about the situation or you are just looking for something that lets you know that you are on the right track,keep the following in mind.

First, you are giving your children an important lesson in independence. They donít need someone else in their lives for their lives to be worthwhile. You are showing them that it is possible to live on your own, to have a valid, enjoyable life, and to take care of others while you are doing it. This sort of independence is quite important when you are looking to make sure that they are going to be prepared to take life on, and youíll find that they re profiting by your example.

If you are on good terms with the other parent, you will find that you are also teach them a great deal about things like maturity and compromise.Remember that romantic relationships arenít going to be the only ones that they have to work on. You are letting know that even if things donít work out that you can still be civil and polite and get things done towards a common purpose.When you are looking into making sure that you get along with your ex, you will find that your children are learning some valuable lessons about cooperation and getting along.

Third, you will find that your children will know what a priority they are to you.When you have a second parent around the house, it can be easy to foist responsibility off on them, but when your children see how hard you are working for them, they will understand how important they are to you.This has the affect of letting you show your affection to them on a regular basis.It is also generally believed that children raised by a single parent will bond more closely with that parent than if there were another one in the picture.

Keep in mind that being a single parent also lets you be a lot more consistent when it comes to your parenting. Far too many children learn to play one parent off the other, and you will find that if it is just you on a day to day basis that this will be harder to do.

When you are a single parent, it is true that it will be hard from time to time, but keep in mind that there are positive affects of single parenting!

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